Aluminium Hydroxide

Hydrated alumina, also known as alumina trihydrate (ATH), or simply hydrate, is more accurately chemically designated as aluminum trihydroxide, Al(OH)3. It is a non-abrasive powder with a Mohs' hardness index of 2.5 - 3.5 and a specific gravity of 2.42. Alumina trihydrate is the largest volume flame retardant used in the world. On heating to 200°C, hydrated alumina decomposes into 66% alumina and 34% water. This irreversible process is, in part, what makes ATH an effective flame retardant. Aluminium hydroxide is also used as an adsorbent, emulsifier, ion exchanger, mordant, antacid, and filtering medium. It is also used in the manufacture of paper, ceramics, printing inks,coatings,fillers,detergents,for waterproofing fabrics and in dentrifrices and antiperspirants.
Of the Common fillers used in Plastics, Rubber, FRP, SMC, BMC moulding and other polymers only Alumina Trihydrate has flame retarding and smoke suppressing properties as well as being an economical resin extender. Alumina Chemical & Castables is the leading developer & Processor of ATH.
High whitess Aluminium hydroxide filler used for artifical marble, granite &stone, synthetic onyx,toothpaste abradant,flame retardant, artificial onyx filler, solid surface, HFFR compound, BMC(Bulk Molding Compound),also as sorbent, medicine and Pharmaceutical,Adhesive,Fiber Cement,Paint,Plastic such as Cables, Artificial Leather, Wall Covering , etc.

White amorphous powder
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight
soluble in acids, alkalis, HCl, H2SO4
Keep in dry, cool, ventilated warehouse.
normal temperature(under 105℃).
Aluminium Hydroxide was stable under normal temperature, When temperature above 300℃ , it decompose to Al2O3 and H2O.
The major other uses of aluminium hydroxide is as a feedstock for the manufacture of other aluminium compounds:specialty calcined aluminas,aluminium sulfate,polyaluminium chloride,aluminium chloride, zeolites, sodium aluminate,activated alumina,aluminium nitrate,etc.

Aluminium Hydroxide MSDS