Activated Alumina Clause catalyst

Activated Alumina is a form of Aluminium Oxide that is very porous and bonds with certain liquid and gases without its chemical or physical form changing, Due to its high porosity, it has a high ratio of surface area to weight, it is commonly used as a desiccant, for water treatment, and as a catalyst in natural gas and refining operations.

A desiccant is a substance with a high affinity for water,which has a drying effect on its local atmosphere,such as inside a sealed container,As a desiccant, Acticated Alumina operates by the process of adsorption, this should not be confused with the more commonly know process of absorption, Absorption is a physical process by which a fluids is drawn into and fills the empty spaces in a solid without bonding to it. Adsorption, on the other hand,is a process in which the fluid drawn into the solid material's pores actually bonds chemically with the solid material.

When exposed to activated alumina,water molecules in the air will bond to the alumina, thereby resulting in drier air. If the material is heated, it will release the water bonded to it back into the air, This process of binding to and releaseing water can be repeated indefinitely,making this material one of the most common desiccants.


Main usage Alumina for sulfur recovery in Claus Prosess
Grade KC-201
Sphere Size(mm) Φ4-6
Al2O3 (%) 90 min.
Bulk Density(g/cm3) 0.65-0.80
Crush resistance(N/sphere) 140Min
Specific Surface(m2/g) 300Min
Pore Volume(cm3/g) 0.40

We provide series Activated Alumina as following:

Activated Alumina for sulfur recovery catalyst in Clause reaction,

Activated Alumina for hydrogen peroxide producing,

Activated Alumina for defluorination,

Activited Alumina for Deoxidation sulfur recovery catalyst,

Alumina deliminger for PE,

Alumina drying of Chloropropylene and PTA,

Activated Alumina for Tail gas hydrogenation catalyst and catalyst carrier,

Activated Alumina Pd-catalyst carrier,

TiO2-Al2O3 catalyst carrier and catalyst,

Catalyst carrier for COS hydrolysis,

Catalyst carrier for sulfate resisting conversion,

Dseudo boehmite Alumina powder,

Macropore pseudo boehmite,

Activated Alumina Drier,

Roll Alumia Carrier,

Molecular sieve 3A,4A,5A,

Universal catalyst for sulfur recovery in acid gas,     

With high hydrolysis and conversion of COSand CS2,  

Catalyst with high sulfate resistance and conversion,      

Catalyst with protection of oxygen leakage,

Catalyst for Tail gas hydrotreating,