Potassium Persulfate

Properties: white crystallized powder. soluble in water. decomposes slowly and liberates oxygen in moisture decomposes completely when heated to 100 centigrade degree.
Potassium persulphate is a white crystal without odor, which are often used as a strong oxidizer or monomer polymerization initiator. It hardly absorbs moisture. Due to its extremely high pureness and stability, it can be stored easily. Besides, it also features in simple and safe usage, etc.
Specific gravity:2.477
HS NO.28334000
UN NO.: 1492
CLASS :5.1
CAS NO.: 7727-21-1
Potassium persulphate
Content: 99.0% min.
Active Oxygen: 5.85% min.
Chloride & Chlorate(Calculated as CI): 0.02% max.
Heavy Metal(Calculated as Pb): 0.002% max.
Fe: 0.001% max.
Mn: 0.0003% max.
Moisture:0.15% max.
Packing: in 25 kgs bags,
usage: it is used as bleaching agent of frabric and polymerization promoter of syntheneic rubber resin. It is also used in medicine ,dye,soap making industry.
Packing: 25kg net in a weave bag lined with double plastic bags or
25kg net smooth PE bag

second degree inorganic oxidinzing agent
danger reg: no 23008
UN no. 1492 IMDG CODE CLASS:5.1
名 称:过硫酸钾