Antiscorching Agent CTP(PVI)

Chemical name:      N-(cyclohexylthio) phthalimide
Moleculor Formula: C14H15O2NS   
CAS NO:         17796-82-6
Structural formula:

White or light yellow powder crystal
Purity, %≥
Melting point, ℃≥
Heating loss, % ≤
Ash content, % ≤
Insoluble matter in toluene, % ≤
Identification IR
Identical to Standard

Properties: The material is white or yellowish crystalline powder, dissolves in acetone、benzene、toluene、ethyl ether、ethyl acetate as well as warm carbon tetra chloride、 ethyl alcohol and heptane; It slightly dissolves in gasoline, but is insoluble in kerosene and water.
Applicant: The material can be used in natural or synthetic rubber and can effectively prevent the rubber materials from scorching during processing, it makes it possible for extruder and calender to run at high temperature and high speed, and improves capacity of the vulcanizer. The product can also improve the storage stability of the rubber materials and keep them from natural vulcanization during storage. Meanwhile, it has reclaimaion function for rubber materials that have been borne at high temperature or dangerous for scorching
Package: 25kg in kraft paper bag with PE bag inside.