Calcium Aluminate for Metallurgy

Keywords: calcium aluminate, premelted, metallurgy, desulphur, steel making, CA
Premelted Calcium Aluminate made from selecting material of high quality, melting the material in electric furnace or rotary kiln, cooling, crashing into different sizes. We have both Sintered and Fused types.

Chemical range (%)
(CaO 48-52)( Al2O3 38-42)( SiO2 3-5)( TiO2 2.0)( Fe2O3 1.5)( MgO 1.5)
Other chemical compositions can be adjusted according to customers' requirement.
Size: 0-30mm
Character and uses:
It is mainly used for desulphurization and temperature preservation in high-quality steel-making.

Packing: 1000KG/Bag