Amorphous Calcium Aluminate

amorphous calcium aluminate, non crystalline calcium aluminate, non crystallized calcium aluminate, amorphous C12A7, ACA, concrete accelerator, CAS No. 12042-68-1, cement addititve, shotcrete additive, concrete additives. trademark: hnkingway
trademark: hnkingway
ACA are the white-green grains and balls. Generally, the grains are ground into fine powder, the ACA powder and OPC (ordinary portland cement) are formulate into Rapid-hardening Mortar and Self-leveling mortar etc. With good performance of rapid strength and little dry shrinkage. trademark: hnkingway
It is a special raw material for concrete and cement. trademark: hnkingway
It can make the rapid setting time, good strength in concrete and cement. It is mainly used in shotcrete, concrete ground hardening and rapid setting etc.
CAS No. 12042-68-1 trademark: hnkingway
trademark: hnkingway
(CaO 42 min)( Al2O3 38-42)( SiO2 3-5)( TiO2 3.0)( Fe2O3 3.0) %
(CaO 46-49)( Al2O3 42 min)( SiO2 5 max)( TiO2 1.0 max)( Fe2O3 1.0 max) (MgO 1 max) %
Size: 0-50mm
Other chemical composition can be produced according to customers' requirement.
trademark: hnkingway
Concrete accelerator
Rapid setting, rapid hardening cement
Concrete ground harding
Rapid-hardening Mortar and Self-leveling mortar etc.
trademark: hnkingway
trademark: hnkingway
1000 KG per bag