Calcium Aluminate Cements

Keywords: Calcium aluminate cements, CAC, refractory cements, bauxite cements.
Calcium Aluminate Cement is made from bauxite and limestone. The material is calcined in rotary kiln or electric furnace and turned into clinker. Then the clinker is ground into different sizes. Additives are aslo added in some varieties.
Over 10 varieties of Calcium aluminate cements can be offered, and content of alumina in our products is about 40-90% differently.
It is widely used for metallurgy, chemistry, building material and fire-electricity applications. Different varieties have different characters and uses, such as self-leveling screed, directing path of satellite, refractory materials & castables, rush repairs, rush construction, coagulant in Portland cement, sulphate-resistant projects, insulation, heat-resistance military project, project in winter & summer etc.
Calcium Alumiante Cements supplied:
CA40, CA50, CA60, CA70 & CA80
Packing: 1000KG/bag