Non-explosive Demolition Agent

Keywords: silent cracking agent, non explosive demolition, expansive
Non-explosive Demolition Agent is a powdery project material that cracks rock and concrete. It is used for concrete structures removing, rock silent cracking & flexiblizing and marble, granite & malachite cutting-exploitation. (Other names: Soundless / Silent Cracking Agent, Expansive Agent, Rock Cracking Agent.)
Light grey powder, mixed and made up of many inorganic compound particles with chemical structures and not contains harmful substances.
Characters & Advantages:
Compared with ordinary blasting technology, silent cracking tech is with safety, non-noising, non-shaking, non- slungshot, non-smoke of gunpowder and pollution-free. So it is provided with security, environmental protection, non-explosibility, commonability and controllability.
It will react after Non-explosive Demolition Agent mixed with right amount water. Through condensing and hardening, the thick liquid filled in the drill will bring above 50MPa expansive pressure. And tensile strength of rock and concrete is about 4-10Mpa, 1-4Mpa, so silent rock cracking bases on expansive pressure exceeds tensile strength of rock and concrete.
Type A
Applying Temperature: 20-40 DEG. C
Expanding Pressure (MPa): 30 Min. (8h); 55 Min. (24h); 90 Min. (48h)
Type B
Applying Temperature: 10-20 DEG. C
Expanding Pressure (MPa): 20 Min. (8h); 45 Min. (24h); 60 Min. (48h)
Type C
Applying Temperature: -5-10 DEG. C
Expanding Pressure (MPa): 10 Min. (8h); 25 Min. (24h); 35 Min. (48h)
5kgs / bag.

Period of validity: 12 months.