Keywords: refractory, shaped, monolithic, bricks, castables
Monolithic Refractories
1. Fireclay and high alumina refractory plastics, gunning mix for EAF & ladle, covering powder / agent for ladle & iron ladle, gunning mix for converter and dry ramming mix for EAF and monolithic refractories for Tundish.
2. Refractory mortars: special refractory mortar, phosphate bonded refractory mortar, firecaly mortar and high alumina mortar.
Refractories for steel making
Precast blocks for EAF Roof; slag-dam for Tundish; refractories for con-cast, refining, vacuum ladles and tundish; precast blocks for tapping spout of EAF and carbon-free ladle bricks. Well block for ladle, plug and top blowing lance; high alumina for EAF Roof,
Refractories for iron making
1. For hot metal mixer: Alumina-silicon carbide-carbon mortar, phosphate bonded high alumina mortar and alumina-silicon carbide-carbon castables.
2. For blast furnace: mortars, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, Al2O3-C bricks, brown corundum and mullite-corundum bricks, micro-hole baked charcoal & alumina charcoal block and semi-graphite baked and self-baked charcoal blocks.
3. For hot blast stove (HBS): high thermal shock resistant fireclay bricks, refractory ball, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks and ceramic burners products, low creep bricks, low creep & thermal shock resistant high alumina bricks.
Refractories for non-ferrous refining industry
Abrasive bricks, Alkali / Acid resistant brick, phosphate bonded high alumina bricks, common & special refractory bricks for carbon baking furnace.
Refractories for glass furnace / Kiln

Low-air-hole fireclay bricks, silica bricks for glass kiln & coke oven and light weight insulating bricks, Large-size fireclay bricks, Magnesia bricks.