Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde Condensate (NSF)

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NSF full name is Naphthalene Sulfonate formaldehyde condensate. Its high purity makes cement paticles with high dispersancy, low foaming, high range water reducing and obvious strengthening so that we can get advantages of accelerating project mould turnover and construction speed, and also saving cement, improving cement mobility and workability.
Chemical Compositions:
Type A/05:
Appearance: yellow beige
Water content: 8% max.
PH   Value (10g/L): 8+/- 1
Chloride: 0.4% max.
Na2SO4: 5.0% max.
We also have:
Type B/10 (Na2SO4: 10.0% max.) &
Type C/20 (Na2SO4: 20.0% max.)
Technical features & adaptability:
Mixing amount: 0.5-1.0% of cementing materials, reducing rate: 20-30%
Packing: 25kgs/bag
Other concrete admixture: Air Entraining Admixture, Waterproof Admixture, Antifreeze, Expansion Admixture, Early Strength Agent and Accelerator etc.
Superplasticizers / water reducer we supply mainly:
1. Polycarboxylate (Powder & Liquid) 
2. Melamine sulfonate (Powder)
3. Naphthalene sulfonate...  (Powder)
4. Sodium Gluconate  (Powder)
5. Sodium Lignosulfonate  (Powder)