Methanesulfonyl Chloride

Product Name: Methanesulfonyl chloride
Synonyms: Methylsulfonyl chloride; Mesyl chloride; Methanesulfonic acid chloride
CAS Number: 124-63-0
Formula: CH3SO2Cl
Molecular Weight: 114.6

colorless to yellowish clear oily liquid
Purity (%)
99.8 min. (99.5 min.)
Color (APHA)
30 max. (50 max.)
Moisture (ppm)
150 max. (250 max.)
Iron (ppm)
10 max. (10 max.)
Heavy metals (as Pb, ppm)
10 max. (10 max.)
Packaging: 250 kg net in PE lined steel drum, PE drum or ISO tank.
Application: Used as catalyst, chlorinating agent, firming agent, stabilizer or as an intermediate for dyes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.
Methanesulfonyl Anhydride
Product Name: Methanesulfonyl anhydride
Synonyms: Mesyl anhydride; Methanesulfonic acid anhydride
CAS Number: 7143-01-3
Formula: C2H6O5S2
Molecular Weight: 174.20

Light grey crystal
Purity (%)
99.0 min.
Methanesulfonyl chloride (%)
1.0 max.
Iron (ppm)
10 max.
Heavy metals (ppm)
10 max.
Packaging: 100 kg net per drum.
Application: Used as reagent.
Methanesulfonic Acid
Product Name: Methanesulfonic acid
Synonyms: Methane sulfonic acid; Methylsulfonic acid; Alkanesulfonic acid; MSA
CAS Registry Number: [ 75-75-2 ]
Formula: CH4O3S
Molecular Weight: 96.1

colorless to yellowish clear oily liquid or solid
Assay (%)
99 min. (85 min. 70 min.)
Color (APHA
50 max. (25 max. 10 max.)
Chloride (as Cl, ppm)
20 max. (10 max. 5 max.)
Sulfate (as SO4, ppm)
20 max. (20 max. 20 max.)
Iron (ppm)
5 max. (5 max. 3 max.)
Heavy metals (as Pb, ppm)
5 max. (5 max. 5 max.)
Packaging: 250 kg net in PE drum.
Application: Used as solvent and catalyst in alkylation, esterification and polymerization processes, or as an intermadiate for pharmaceuticals. MSA 70% is also used in electroplating and electropolishing.