Synthetic Resin Series

Alkyd Resin
Alkyd resin for industrial baking paint
Alkyd resin for air-drying paint
Alkyd resin for urethane coating
Alkyd resin for nitrocellulose lacquer
Saturated polyester resin
Saturated polyester resin for coil coating
Saturated polyester resin for industrial baking pain
Saturated polyester resin for powder coating
Acrylic resin
Thermoplastic acrylic resin
Thermosetting acrylic resin
Amino resin
Butylated and isobutylated amino resin
Methylated amino resin
Urea formaldehyde resin
Epoxy resin and curing agent, reactive dilccent
Epoxy resin (Biphend A type)
Epoxy resin (For powder coating)
Epoxy resin (Brominated epoxy)
Epoxy resin (F-type epoxy phenolic resin)
Curing agent for epoxy resin
Reactive dilccent for epoxy resin
Photocurable resin and monomer
Oligomers (Epoxy acrylate)
Oligomers (Amino acrylate)
Oligomers (Urethane acrylate)
Monomer (Trifunctional)
Monomer (Difunctional)
Monomer (Monofunctional)
Alkyd resin used for PU wood paint
Alkyd resin used for polyester paint application (common type)
Alkyd resin for high performance polyester resin
Curing agent for PU wood paint
Curing agent for low free TDI polyurethane Series
Universal curing agent
Quick-drying curing agent
Tripolymer curing agent
Moisture curing (Prepolymer) type curing agent
Alkyd resin used for nitrocellulose lacquer
Acrylic resin for wood paint
Thermoplatic acrylic resin for wood, and ratlan article coating
Emulsion for architectural coatings
Special emulsion with functionality
Acrylic resin for solventborne enterior coating

Acetic ester solvent