Chemical name:2-Butanone, 3-hydroxy-
CAS-No.: 513-86-0
Chemical Description:

C4H8O2 88.11
Monomer: clear colorless to pale yellowish liquid.
Dimer: colorless solid mass.
MP 15oC
BP 148oC
Solubility Soluble in water, ethanol, propylene glycol.
Purity 98%
Refractive Index n20D 1.417-1.420
Relative Density d204 1.005-1.019
As: ≤2ppm
Heavy Metal(Pb): ≤10ppm
Organoleptical description
Odour pleasant, buttery-oily, creamy-fatty
Taste sweet-buttery, creamy, mild
Flavour Acetoin is mainly used for flavour compounds. The mild-creamy character rounds off the power of other Aroma Chemicals and brings smoothness in the compositions.
Useful in flavour such as butter, caramel, vanilla, coffee, nut, milk, cheese and fruits like strawberry and raspberry.
Often used in combination with Diacetyl and certain Diketones (Hexane-,Pentanedione).
Packaging and Storage
Monomer: 25Kg,50Kg,200Kg Plastic bucket
Dimer: Plastic bucket(Cardboard drum),NW 25Kg;
Also we can proved the packaging as the costumers need.
Store in a cool and dry area.
Acetoin dimer
Acetoin dimmer (Acetyl Methyl Carbinol dimer . 3-hydroxy-2-butanone dimer )
CAS No.:23147-57-1
Structural formula:
Molecular formula:C8H16O4
Molecular Weight:176.22