Sodium Caseinate

Sodium Caseinate is made from the Yak milk with high quality in a scientific way. It contains various trace elements for human body. It is used not only as a kind of excellent food additive with high protein and nutrition, but also as a resource of trace element for human body. In addition, it is also a kind of strong emulsifying stabilizer and thickening agent with fine affinity, air function and great value of nutrition .In food industry it is used to improve the quality of products. Sodium Caseinate is announced by FAO and WHO as unrestricted food additive, and so it is widely used in all kinds of food products such as meat processing, roasted food, artificial cream, coffee partner, baby food, cheese, various cake & candies, beverages, medicine, tobacco, cosmetics, and chemical articles for daily uses.
Five main properties of sodium caseinate:
It can be dissolved both in cold water and hot water,expanded when adsorbing water,it dissolve easily with the help of mixing,high viscosity will form due to the function of big moecur,and solulion will becomg dense and appears gel after being cooled,in lum ,the gel will be reverted into solution after being heated,gel is elastic and remains moisture,hardly dehydraes and shrinks.So it plays a great role of emulsficalion. it can absorb eater and fat respectively since its minor air bubble from each other without any crash,it has strong stability of heat and emutsfication along with frothing, film_forming,. lustering,melting aid and ect.
color: pure white or cream white
Packing: paper bag with inner liner.25kg net.
Storage: under cool, dry, clean warehouse conditions valid of expiry date one year.
Quality index:
Protein(on dry basis):----------% Min 90.00
Fat:---------------------------------% Max 2.00
Ash:--------------------------------% Max 6.0
Moisture:-------------------------% Max 6.00
Lactose:--------------------------% Max 1.00
Viscosity(15% 20℃):-----------200-3000mPa.s
Total plate count:---------------/g Max 30000
Colibacterium:-------------------/100g Max 40
Heavy metal(pb):-----------------% Max 0.002
Arsenic:----------------------------% Max 0.0002
Therapeutic bacteria:---------No