Disodium Succinate

CAS NO.: 150-90-3
Name: Sodium succinate;Butanedioic acid, disodium salt;succinic acid, disodium salt;disodium succinate;jantaran sodny;soduxin;di-Sodium succinate hexahyrate;Succinic acid disodium salt hexahydrate;dlsodium succinate;sodium succinate,anhydrous
Disodium Succinate is a white powder with special seashell taste.
  Ph ( 10% Solution)
  Loss on drying(120C,2hr)
  Arsenic(as As2O3)
  Heavy metal(as Pb)
  Readily oxidizable substance
Red color will be sustained 3 minutes as least
As an ingredient used in hams, sausages, seasoning liquids and other food stuff.
It is advised to be added either solely or with other flavor-enhancers, such as MSG.
25kg/Double PE bag/Kraft paper bag