Appearance: White, odorless, fine crystal powder
Assay: 98.0% -101.0% (on anhydrous basis)
Clarity: clear and colorless (0.2g in 20 ml of water)
Identification: Conforms to the spectrum of the Reference Standard (KBr)
Identification: In the chromatograms obtained with the sample solution, the major peak should have the same RT as that of the standard preparation
Turbidity: Not more than 2.5NTU (2% w/v in water, t = 30ºC)
Specific Optical Rotation: Not less than +160° and not more than +164°
 (10 mg/ml; water; 20 °C; 589 nm)
Residue on ignition     : 0.1%max.
Chloride: 0.018%max.
Heavy metals: 5ppm max.
Aerobic Microorganisms: Not more than 1000cfu/g
Escherichia coli: nil
Salmonella sp.: nil