Chrome Oxide Green

Molecular formula: Cr2O3.
Molecular weight: 151.99
CAS No.: 1308-38-9
Color index: pigment green 17
Melt Point: 2435
Boiling point: 4000
Specific gravity: 5.21 g/ml
Physical state: green crystal powder
Synonyms: chromic oxide; chrome oxide green; chromium (iii) oxide;
Application: In smelting of metal chrome, as pigment in ceramic and enamel, coating and painting, refractory industry, abrasive agent.
Chrome Oxide Green standard grade
Chrome Oxide Green paint grade,
Chrome Oxide Green low hexavanlent chrome grade
Chrome Oxide Green abrasive grade
Chrome Oxide Green metallurgical grade
Chrome Oxide for plasma spray
For ceramic,spec:
Chrome oxide green,spec
Cr2O3 :99%min.
Tinting strength:100+/-5%
Oil absorption:15-25%
Fineness(residue through 325mesh):0.3%max.
Water soluble matter:0.5%max.
Packing: in 25/1000 kgs bags.
For paint,spec:
Cr6+:5ppm max.
Water soluble salt:0.3% max.
PH value:5-7
SiO2+Al2O3:0.10% max.
LOI at 1000 centigrade degree:0.40% max.
Bulk density:1.0-1.3g/ml.
Oil absorption:12g/100g
325mesh residue:0.10% max.
Packing: in 25 kgs bags or 1000 kgs bags.