Cerium Oxide

Cerium Oxide CeO2,
CAS No.: 1306-38-3
MOL Formula: CeO2
MOL Weight: 172.12
Density: 7.132
Melt point: 2600'C
ceric oxide, ceria, cerium oxide or cerium dioxide,Cerium(IV) oxide,
It is an oxide of the rare earth metal cerium. It is a pale yellow-white powder with the chemical formula CeO2.
Cerium(IV) oxide is formed by the calcination of cerium oxalate or cerium hydroxide.

chemical data sheet:

cerium oxide 99.95%. (yellow cerium oxide)
TREO(total rare earth oxides):98% min.
Rare-earth impurity
La2O3/ TREO      0.002% max.
CeO2/TREO      99.95% min.
Pr6O11/TREO      0.005% max.
Nd2O3/TREO      0.005% max.
Sm2O3/TREO      0.001% max.
Eu2O3/TREO      0.001% max.
Y2O3/TREO      0.001% max.
None rare-earth impurities
Fe2O3      0.001% max.
SiO2      0.01% max.
CaO 0.005% max.
MgO      0.005% max.
PbO 0.001% max.
L.O.I. (1000'C, 2 hour):1.0% max.

cerium oxide 99.995%. (light yellow cerium oxide)
TREO(total rare earth oxides):99% min.
Rare-earth impurity
La2O3/ TREO      0.005% max.
CeO2/TREO      99.995% min.
Pr6O11/TREO      0.002% max.
Nd2O3/TREO      0.002% max.
Sm2O3/TREO      0.0005% max.
Eu2O3/TREO      0.0005% max.
Y2O3/TREO      0.0005% max.
None rare-earth impurities
Fe2O3      0.001% max.
SiO2      0.005% max.
CaO      0.005% max.
PbO      0.001% max.
L.O.I.      (1000'C, 2 hour):1.0% max.
Packing in 50 kgs drums,inner vacuum packing.

we also provide white cerium oxide.